Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Leah's Seed Porn

Well it's my favorite time of year...planning the planting. A couple of weeks ago I went back through my seed catalogs for about the fifth time and selected my seeds. I love, love, love, for seeds because they're heritage.

Mitchell really wanted pumpkins. So I ordered pumpkins. most of them are ordered from another seed house for variety sake. But where possible, Seed Savers is the seed house for me. I'm not a member though...maybe this will come in the future.

I chose a lot of plants that are more for the bees than anything else. This was Jesika's choice as well. I really don't want anything fussy, they'll pretty much be on their own once in the ground. Some will be spread by hand and some will need to be started in my little food grow op, in the basement under lights. I'll try to take pictures of the progress along the way.

Here's the group from Seed Savers

Shall I list my little beauties...of course I will;
Amish paste tomato...for Jesika's balcony actually...not the plot
Tall Russell Lupine's
Night scented stock...don't ask me why...I probably won't be out at night, or will the bees
Black Cumin, Herb
Golden Marguerite, Herb
English Lavender, Herb
Culinary green Sage, herb
Yellow of Parma onion, as a border to the veggie plot
Bumble Bee Bean, for the name more than anything else
Turkey Craw Bean, for it's name again. Love beans and I've never tried these selections before
Feverfew, herb
Zulu Prince Daisy
Rouge Vif d'Etampes, Pumpkin (squash)
Borage, herb-very good for bees
Catnip, herb-for Jesika & Annie, The official Cat Ladies of the family
Arikara, Sunflower-great for bees and for eating the seeds
Burpee's Golden Beets
Bachelor Buttons
Bee's Friend
Chamomile, German herb
Hyssop, herb-grown before and it self seeds very well
St. John's wort, herb, because why not
Bloody Butcher corn

I do have more seeds coming and I do have quite an extensive collection for my home edible landscaping fun but it's always nice to have a reason to buy more.

I'll be posting again, although this is my first time posting to my families site.
Leah Hughes

Sunday, 6 January 2013

More Walking

Great day to be outside.

Mushrooms any one?

Mitchell takes these and carves fishing floats out of them.