Thursday, 28 March 2013


We finally caught him!! He's fast though... We only got the one picture.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bees are buzzing

It got warm enough over the weekend that the bees were out and about. We noticed they've moved a lot of the sugar candy, notice the crystals up at the top entrance?

Get out of my hive!

I noticed a lot of bees were flying out and landing on the snow before flying off again. Water source maybe?


It's so nice that they're finally able to get out of the hive
My baby girls!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Big Brute

Jesika and Leah were out exploring until they seen this paw print and then they beat it back to where we were all working.
Not sure what it is so if you know please let us know.

Burning out the stump

Almost gone

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Another Bambi

Not a lot of activity around but we did get this little guy.

So at least we know they are still around and we did not scare them off.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Working On Jessie Lane

Widget can't figure out why we aren't hiking faster

Just a quick look back from one of the lane ways

Nessie doesn't mind pictures, it gives her more time to sniff!

Go work!

Sometimes we forget to appreciate how tall these trees really are.

We've decided to attempt to burn the stump right where it is!

We can't believe how warm it's gotten down here!

Leah decided she wanted to learn how to use the chainsaw... Look out!

Which tree is next?!?

Just this branch.

Maybe that tree over there...

No... Probably not this one.

But please?

Nessie wants our baked potatoes.

The creek is filling up!

Apparently this has to be the site of the cottage..

Widget wants her baked potato too.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Checking in on the bees

Gotta check the bees!

The hives are so warm from the sun and the bees themselves, there's water dripping all over the place. Check out the front of the hive: dead bees means that they're cleaning house.

Busy little bees.

Busy Beekeeper!

It must be nice for them, it's one of the first times they've been out since November!

Quick peek at the candy under the newspaper insulation. Dad and I made this candy last weekend, it's just sugar, water, and cream of Tarter, poured into containers for easier handling.

Busy girls! Check out the little one up at the top right of the picture... She looked so excited about the sugar, it was literally like a little girl in a candy store!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Wile E Coyote Creeper

Wile E Coyote Creeper eludes the camera. But we'll get him next time. The scary thing is he went through this area only an hour before we came through with snowshoes & started a fire. We were probably at the South West corner when he went through...was he watching us???

We got his tail and one back leg

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Snowshoeing Many-Hues Acres

 As you can see the woodpeckers are making their way through quite a few trees. These holes are so large the whole bird could probably fit in the hole with room to spare. I tried to take pictures showing the sap running down the trees. The tree to the top is very fresh because there is quite a lot of shavings just below the snow that fell this past week.

 These few pictures were taken on the North East of our property. I love watching the water flow and now the creek seems to be widening with the resent snow falls. A few weeks ago we were able to walk on the ice but now the ice is melting. Spring is on it's way...hard to think of spring when the snow is over two feet high. Without the aid of the snowshoes we would never be able to trudge through it. Even with the snowshoes were feeling the pain.

 Just to the south of this spot we were able to cross. This is the water flowing under a tree that's down across the water.

 I love the roots of the upturned trees. The backwoods is very wet and very hard to get through without it being frozen over. There are huge amounts of trees upturned as they get too large and the roots can't sustain it in the wet ground. Some of the upturned roots are as tall or taller than we are. Seeing the mat of the roots is amazing. I'd love to drag one out as garden decoration.
 The orange markings are at the North East corner. I took a picture of this newly split tree. The balance of which is hung up on a couple of other trees. Chris calls them widow makers. The trees that its suspended on are actually a lot I don't think it will be long and it will be fully down. A good storm or heavy wind and the swaying of the branches may be its undoing.
This is another old root. I just loved the gnarled look. I can see a totem in my head with these wild gnarled branches inserted for hair. A wooden Medusa.
 Once again, we started a fire at the edge of the woods. By this time we were happy to get the snowshoes off for a bit. We didn't stay too long because it was just too cold for the dogs even with the fire. I know that Widget can't handle too much cold but when my Scott starts to shiver, I know it's time to go. Temperature was at least -11. A rabbit burrow is hidden behind Chris. Last week Jesika was worried that we disturbed the burrow by taking some tree branches down...she'll be happy to know that all is well. You could clearly see the heat escaping out one of the holes...meaning that there is life within.