Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Frog Eggs Anyone

I was over at the property last week and discovered these eggs in the pond. I was so excited, crouched down on the bank, up to my ankles in pond muck, poking the eggs with a small stick to figure out what they were. In the middle of the eggs I found a salamander. Not sure if it was there eating the eggs or what...but what a great night. I was so excited I felt like I was eight again with my net in hand. I came out of the pond area & saw dear...what an evening and I didn't have anyone other than the dogs with me to share the experience. I'm loving every single minute. I arrive & start smiling like a crazy fool.
Now the pond is alive with frog mating calls & you wouldn't believe how loud and high pitched it is.
Check out the video below & you'll hear the sound.

Spring Time

We have a new friend on the clock hanging on our garage building.You wouldn't think that she would like being so exposed but there she is. It's not a property picture but anyone who likes nature, should like this picture. I hope you appreciate the play on words.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Roll On Thanksgiving

We finally got the elusive turkeys.

I have been trying for pictures of these buggers since we installed the camera but this was the first time we caught them on camera.  We have seen lots of tracks and seen the birds themselves but no pictures.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Waking up for Spring

Everything we need for two new hives this year.

Sugar! The girls are just going crazy for it! Both hives have tunneled through the sugar, and are so busy packing it away.

She just wanted to say hello. She sat on Mom's hat for a little while before flying off.

Once we opened the lids and added more bee candy, the activity in the hives just skyrocketed. This hive as the hive we had determined was the weaker of the two.. But they're actually eating just as much sugar as the hive we thought was stronger. They were both equally active today!

Such busy little girls.
I can't wait for spring. We're ordering enough bees/hives for about 6 new hives this year, so hopefully it should be a honey year for us. Crossing our fingers!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Water, water everywhere

There's so much water pooling in the treed area.. This is to the right of our laneway. Almost looks like little islands, doesn't it? All of the white is floating ice.

We'll have to try to figure out a way to get our equipment to build the cottage through here. It's really wet and mucky.

Mom and Dad built a little bridge to help us get through here. To the left is where the pond overflow pipe is flowing down into the treed area.

Spring has started!

This is a slime mold that I found on a ceder stump

Looks like a fairy bridge, doesn't it?

Dad pulled this perfect little mushroom off a tree

The creek towards the back of the property

Monday, 1 April 2013