Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Backwoods Bunkie - Soffeting almost done!

We're experts! 
Tight fit all around

Complicated angles aren't too complicated

Well spent weekend

Hope we remember how it's done for next time...

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Island

I was frog hunting around the pond when I glimpsed something that I thought was a dead bird. I trekked over to the island in hopes of getting some feathers when I realized that it was the most unusual flower. 

It was completely white. Even the inside was white & the petals had a wax paper look about them. I asked Jesika to take a picture of them for future investigation. As I was close to the ground checking them out I noticed a definite smell in the air. I wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't great I can tell you that.  Well it turns out that these little flowers are a parasite flower with multiple names. Check out the link for more information on the Corpse Flower. 

So back to my real reason for trekking to the island...frog hunting. Here's a couple of pictures of these little cuties...isn't he wonderful.


There were hundreds of frogs everywhere. These aren't even the ones I've been trying to follow from tad poles. The tad poles are still in the water & are actually bigger than these baby frogs. The tad poles must be bull frogs...they're huge.

It really is like being a kid again...I just loved frog hunting as a young girl & I'm so fascinated with all the wild life I'm finding on these acres. It's heaven on earth. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The visitor

Relaxing in the lawn chairs overseeing the field, this dragonfly came directly at us. I ducked & when I looked up it was on Jesika's hat rim. These pictures were taken with her phone as I didn't have any camera on hand. He was quite happy to ponder on the edge while I snapped some pictures. Of course  most of the shots were terrible as Jesika was looking up at the rim of her hat.

This is one of those...not so great shots...but really good for a laugh so I included it anyways. Sorry Jesika...I couldn't help myself.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Please support our Bees by signing the Petition

Hello friends and colleagues,
As you may know, the Ontario Beekeeper's Association has been working hard to have the neonicotinoid pesticides responsible for these losses removed from use in Ontario. As part of their strategy, the OBA has developed the attached petition requesting the Premier of Ontario to follow the lead of the European Union and ban neonicotinoid pesticides.
I am asking you to sign this petition by clicking here  to add your voice to the beekeepers, farmers, environmentalists, scientists, and citizens who want to see an end to this toxic contamination of our pollinators,  wildlife, water systems and land.
Please circulate this email to all your friends and contacts, or 'cut and paste' this link into your own message: . If you have a website, blog or Facebook page, or if you Tweet, please share the petition on your sites. 
Together we can protect our bees.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bee Rustlers

Well if it isn't enough that we're fighting mites, colony collapse & bees dying all over the we have to worry about bee keepers stealing from bee keepers. A co-worker sent me an article the other day on Bee Rustlers. I'm pretty confident, now that I've been working with bees, that this just isn't someone who doesn't know the trade. Bee Keepers all over are loosing their hives at an alarming rate & I guess some bad bee keepers feel that they are more desperate than the others. Trying to re-coop their losses by steeling from the bee keeper family. Such a shame that it's come to this.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Balcony Garden Thoughts

It's been about 2 weeks or so since I last took a picture of my balcony.

Two things I've changed this year that I'm going to stick with.
  • The gravity fed watering system for my tomatoes has been an absolute godsend. The plants have double in size in only 2 weeks! It's a load off my mind and a boon for the garden. They never lack for water, and I never feel guilty about forgetting to water.
  • using Pro-Mix soiless medium instead of potting soil for my container plants. It holds the water far better then the potting soil ever did, and my plants are healthy and well. 
I'm still not sure how to 'recycle' the growing buckets next spring, but I guess I'll tackle that when I come to it. Till then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomatoes this year. These are the first tomatoes I've ever grown from seed and managed to raise!

I'm thinking of adapting this growing system to a rain barrel up at the cottage.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bees are Dying

I had a fibre art friend send me an article from the Guelph University about bees dying. Check out the article. They apparently had 49 out of 50 hives die in the Guelph area & the investigation is still ongoing as to why this happened. I consider them experts as we've only been bee keeping for less than a year. Trying to muddle through an organic approach with the bees being in more control of the hive. We haven't used any treatments for the bees other than bee tea. No chemicals or pesticides to date.
I took this picture on Saturday prior to the Guelph incident & I knew this bumble was dying but there was nothing I could do. He was trying to fly at times but just couldn't & within hours of the pictures he's gone. 

It's a very interesting article.